My people! As much as I love you, photography has become my business and it has become so difficult to give away photo sessions to all those I love and adore. Instead of charging you, I've devised a simple plan.

In order to redeem your complimentary photography session
choose one of the following options:

a) Refer business
TWO for a wedding OR refer FIVE for a portrait/family shoot OR a mix of the two

[[Once they have booked/confirmed (not completed, but deposit received)]]


b) FAIR trade
I am a huge fan of this! I think it is just how a strong community should work-- together.
Yoga, food, juices, cleaning, graphic design, whatever it may be, let's exchange! 



**I also ask that you please promote the shieeeet out of complimentary shoots**
Each shoot costs me wear and tear on the camera and computer, hard drive space, and time time time that I don't get enough of! (Editing hundreds of snaps and being a perfectionist = time time time)

Ready?! Lets go! Fill out below and we'll get started.

Name *
Yoga? Headshots? Family shoot? You jus' lookin pretty and all?
Who did you refer? / What would you like to trade?
Please list a few dates! (At least four) What time of day? (Sunset, sunrise, during the day, etc)
What kind of setting do you have in mind? What kind of look are you going for?
For example: 1 headshot, 3 yoga poses, 2 laughing/candids for promotional use, etc. Please describe your exact expectations so we can work towards them together!
I love ya.
Yes, I will promote the crap out of your photos. *
For full release to MK Captures, LLC for use of your photos, please select the top option: *
Please read and accept the terms of the following statement: *