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Magdalena Studios captures and preserves authentic stories and moments in an effortless, joyful manner. We believe that every subject deserves an individualized experience and to remember, see, and feel how beautiful they are at that moment in time.

Magdalena Studios has experienced incredible growth and had to turn down numerous opportunities on a regular basis because we were already booked or maxed out on bookings. Scott and I had much discussion and realized we had some serious talent right at our fingertips with our team. With some training and team building, we knew we could comfortably and confidently make the jump to a team of associate photographers. Making the shift to offer associate photographers, our studio has been able to serve more couples and families, while delivering the same quality and style of photography. We love being able to tell even more stories with the help of our associates!

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Magdalena Studios is focused on providing each and every client with the full Magdalena Studios boutique experience. We are thrilled to offer another option for dates we are already booked for! We now offer our specialized team of associate photographers for weddings days when Magdalena herself is already booked. All of our associate photographers are chosen based on their professionalism, personalities, and work which embodies our signature joyful, effortless, vibrant style. Our Associate Team members capture each moment with the same artistic vision and deliver you an artistic product worthy of the Magdalena Studios brand. Additionally, Magdalena Studios manages all aspects of the details leading up to the wedding day, and the photos are edited and processed in the signature Magdalena Studios style. By offering the same finished products, high-end service, and boutique client experience, the Magdalena Studios Associate Team is a perfect extension of our style and services.


Click below to meet each associate and see some of their work. If you're interested in finding out their availability and package information, use the contact form to tell us about your day!

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