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:::Destination Details:::

For destination wedding packages, the price remains the same as our regular wedding package! Because I love to travel and am so thrilled to photograph new places, for a limited time I am including the cost of air travel within our normal wedding photography package price. The only additional cost with any of our packages will be accommodation, which should be provided for at least two nights before the wedding and the night of the wedding. The two days prior allows me to adjust and get settled, get my wedding gear prepped, scope out the location and lighting, and be prepared just in case there is any delay of travel or baggage. If there are any additional costs necessary such as rental car/ transportation, those expenses may need to be reimbursed as well but are discussed in advance.

 I Love to travel, so I am happy to make this work within your budget when possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Wouldn't it be easier to hire a wedding photographer who is already at the location or included in the resort package? 
    Not necessarily. Typically hiring photographers from your wedding location is not only similar in price once you add on all the hidden costs, but also riskier in terms of receiving your images. Past clients have decided against hiring foreign or unknown photographers for some of these reasons. It is also sometimes harder to coordinate with them and the process is not as personalized and boutique-y. Additionally, the quality and style of photographers include in resort packages tends to generally be less than satisfactory. Your wedding photos are the one thing that will preserve those memories of a great trip, so skip the added decor options & bring your fave photographer, you're already somewhere beautiful! 
  • What happens if your bags aren't delivered or your flight is delayed? 
    Flight delay is something out of my control, which is why I always plan to arrive at least two days in advance! Additionally, I always travel with my camera gear as carry on so that I never have to worry about it not arriving or being stolen. 
  • What kind of accommodation is best? 
    I always find that staying near where the event will take place or where the bride and groom are staying is easiest. That way I don't have to worry about transportation, I can scope out the location the days prior, and I am able to be right there the day of the event!
  • Who books the airfare?
    I always book my own airfare & will simply add it onto the invoice for reimbursement! 
  • Can we add coverage for our rehearsal dinner or for a couples portrait session for after the event while we are in this beautiful location? 
    Yes, please! 

We can't wait to adventure with you!