2017 Wedding Schedule
2017 Portrait Schedule



Quick Tips:
***Always, always shoot in RAW
***Make sure your camera's date and time is always set to the right time (use Google/ world clock)

-Refresh yourself on posing ideas the night or hour before a shoot:
          -JPP Flow Posing Guide
          -KJ Posing Evolution
          - KJ Bride and Groom Portrait Workbook
          - Have a pinterest board of inspo photos to quickly look through
          -Check out some unposed queues below!

-Shoot in manual
          -shutter speed should never go below 250
          -ISO should never go above 6,000
          -adjust your aperture based on number of people in the photos
           (1.8 for one person, 2.5+ for two, 3.2+ for three, etc.)
          -Manual adjust your temperature between 4700k-5300k - check out this article for settings info
           *I always shoot with a low aperture and a stop up on the meter for the bright + airy look. 
-Don't be afraid to do something different or creative! Get some detail shots like hand holding, close ups of flowers or branches nearby, etc. Have them interact with each other!!! Smile and laugh with them, and try not to stop and look at the back of your camera too much. Keep encouraging them and shooting!


Magi's cell: 6099704737
Magi's email:

Studio/ OC Apt for Dropping Off Memory Cards/ Equipment:
101 West Ave, 2nd Floor, on left

2017 TERMS

Bring in a client?
+10% of package, whether you shoot it or not!

Wedding Rates:

Second Shooters/ Assistants: $35/hr

Associate Second Shooters:

Associate Main Shooting Weddings:
[Please keep track of organizational time, travel, and/or meeting or phone date with client: $15/hour]

Portrait Rates:

Associates- $150/hour
Second Shooters/ Assistants- $100/ hour


Scott Fisher 
Lacey Nicholl
Megan Tammaro

Studio Manager
Ashley Juelg

Second Shooters
Rachel Fosbenner
Liz Unruh
Kristina Ingersoll

Subcontractor Terms: Click Here



Before you start shooting - prepare your couples by saying "During our session, I'm going to ask you some questions and have you play some games... the point is to take our minds off the camera, to have fun and love on each other." We've noticed that some people take the games way too seriously or might feel like they're being quizzed in which the game bombs. Just reassure your couples that you are not judging them and the idea is to HAVE FUN! Look for those in between moments or the moments right after :-) 


More Posing Ideas!

Iconic Bridal Portraits:

1. While sitting, have her count the layers of her dress. 
2. Have her trace the hemline/ neckline of her dress
3. Have Her Put Her Earrings In, Play With An Earring, Or Trace the Back of Her Neck.
4. Have her place and lift her veil
5. Have her adjust the straps of her shoes or take off/ put on again
*Limit these actions to 1-3 times max

Iconic Groom Portraits:

1. Have him adjust his cufflinks
2. Have him tie his tie or put on his jacket
3. Have him tie his shoes

Cues for Bridesmaids Portraits:

1. "Look at me, look at the bride, now look at me!"
2. Set up a slow walk with them looking at each other
3. "Turn inside to get skinny and close to each other, then lean towards the camera to show off your faces, now grab each other's butts!"
4. "Think of your favorite guilty pleasure boy-band song and dance in place! Singing out loud is encouraged!"
5. "Look at your neighbor and tell them how HOT they are!"
6. Tell everybody to lean in and check out each other's makeup! Make sure no one has lipstick or spinach in their teeth!
7. Squishy face the bride! Face to face!