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Flush Mount Heirloom Albums

Base Price includes 15 Thick-Page Spreads (30 Pages)
Choice of leather or linen cover

12x12 Custom-Designed Fine Art Album: $1800

10x10 Custom-Design Fine Art Album: $1650

8x8 Parent Album: $1500

Add engraving on cover: +$60
Add cutout photo window on cover: +$60
Add spread: +$80/spread
Upgrade from Linen to Leather: +$225 (any size)



Wall Prints:
8x10 - $25
8x12 - $30
11x14 - $40
16x24 - $65
20x30 - $80
24x36 - $115

Gallery Wraps:
8x10 - $100
11x14 - $125
16x20 - $160
20x30 - $215
24x30 - $260
24x35 - $295



 Additional Products:

Additional Wooden USB: $150

Heirloom Box of 100 Prints: $400

Custom-Designed Guest Book: $600

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The Details

the album ORDERING process:

Step 1: Your wedding photos will be delivered! As you go through them in your online gallery, create a Favorites List called "Wedding Album Favorites" and start adding some of your favorite images. (About 100-150). Not all of your images will be used and some additional photos may be added, but it's a great baseline for us to incorporate your favorites to begin the process. Please notify us when you have completed your favorites list and we will begin the design process! At this time, a 50% deposit will be due. 
Step 2: The team will begin to custom design your wedding album to tell the story of your day. This can take about a month to complete the design. Once it is ready, we will send you a link online to view the custom layout that we have created for your approval, or you can ask for a round of revisions.
Step 3: Submit any changes that you would like made to the design. You only get one round of revisions included in the album making process, so be sure to think through what changes you would like made over a week and be specific in what you'd like modified. For example: "On page 1, swapping the first image in the top left hand corner out for JPEG###." If you don't want to make any changes, that's even better and we can order the album even sooner! At this time you will also decide on your cover option, and any add ons that you'd like such as purchasing additional spreads (we'll design more than just the included 15 spreads to incorporate as much of the photos we need to tell the full story of your day), engraving of your names and/or the date on the front of the album, and if you'd like a photo cutout on the front and which photo you'd prefer. Books on average are about 20-30 spreads, and you'll be able to choose which ones that we design you would like to keep. We can always create more pages too! 
Step 4: Once you confirm your custom design layout, we will order the album! Final payment is due at the time ordering. Professional manufacturing takes about two to three weeks. We hope to hand deliver the album to you, but if that does not work out, it will be shipped first class to you as soon as it is ready! We hope to see you reaction when you receive it :-) 


Why Are Wedding Albums So Expensive?

Depending on the studio and type of album offered, wedding albums range from a few hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars – And, yes, you absolutely get what you pay for. A common mistake we see brides make is settling on simply checking off a box on a photography package that includes an album – but remember, not all albums are created equal.

The “always included” and modestly priced wedding books are press printed books similar to what you can order directly from, BlurbShutterfly or even through Apple’s iPhotosoftware – The books are great for what they are… simple books that make for great do-it-yourself family albums. The pages are thin, similar to a magazine or glossy paperback and printed using a four color printing method and the cover choices range from soft covers to hardback with a dust jacket to a printed hardback. The colors will fade and the paper tends to deteriorate over time as well. There is little to no protection from the elements.

The more expensive albums are generally produced using actual photographic paper, some with metallic finishes. The spreads are usually seamless with lay-flat binding design so when you open the book, you can see a panoramic shot of your ceremony go across the table… seamlessly. The pages are thick and sturdy giving the album a luxurious feel and make the page feel substantial. The covers come in a variety of finishes from genuine leather to silks to aluminum to acrylics and many more. The pages can be ordered with protective coating to protect the book from the elements and most manufacturers guarantee their albums with a lifetime warranty.

These high-end albums are produced by companies who do not sell directly to the general public and hence are not available to the DIY audience. There is no product that we know of in the consumer market that can compete with these high quality albums. This means that while a DIY bride can design and produce an album on her own, the end result will never equate to a well designed luxe album from the studio. The base cost of these books tends to be much, much higher than the standard DIY books.

Depending on the photography studio, these albums are meticulously designed from cover to cover, through to every single page, showcasing the story of your beautiful day in the most expressive and meaningful way possible. The end result (if done well) is a custom piece of art created just for you and your future generations to enjoy… This takes time, effort and talent to produce.

As a professional wedding photographer, we take great pride in every single book we produce… Usually spending 30+ hours on the design alone. This does not include the countless hours for the image selection and approvals – Imagine culling a hundred and fifty images from over a thousand delivered images! Once the design is complete, we send it off for approvals and take care of the final edits requested by the bride and groom. An heirloom quality album production process easily consumes 45+ hours of time.

Now consider this, is a painting drawn by an artist by hand worth more than the canvas and paint used to product it? In the same way, the time, the effort, the passion and the quality that goes into producing a wedding book for a newly wed couple is worth more than the materials that are used to produce it. But, is it worth it for YOU? Read on to find out!

Are They Worth It?

If you’re looking for a short and quick answer – Yes, they are absolutely worth it. Don’t think twice about it.

The long answer – Imagine for a second… Your kids are all grown up, ready to be married – during a family get together, you decide to share your own engagement photographs with them… That beautiful gorgeous day when there was nothing else but the two of you… And those photographs flow into a photojournalistic story of your big day – both of you looking nervous but extremely happy… A sparkle in your eye every time someone mentions the other’s name… Getting ready and looking your best – And you tell them about how the day progressed… The first look, the walk down the aisle, the tears of joy rolling down his cheeks, the first dance, the laughter and joy captured within the moments – your friends and family dancing along with not a worry in the world… That departure from the venue under the stars running through a tunnel of sparklers into your getaway car…

Question: How do you see yourself telling this story?

  • Gathered around in front of a computer screen? (Does facebook still exist? Can’t find the DVD or hard drive where you saved the high res files?)
  • Gathered around a phone screen or tablet?
  • Holding a thin, worn out book with faded images?
  • Sharing a glimpse at a beautiful book with crystal clear, carefully selected images laid out in the most perfect way?

If you chose option #4, you need to get yourself a professionally designed heirloom quality wedding album… Not just for you or your spouse… But for your future generations with whom you can tell your story through some special images. Your story is too important to be archived in a digital domain never to be touched, appreciated or enjoyed in the company of your loved ones.

The emotions felt when actually touching and holding your images in your hands are the closest thing you will feel next to actually being there.

We encourage you to read this article published in The Huffington Post, “The Case Against ‘Good Enough'” – Remember, hindsight is 20/20 – Your wedding images are a piece of history… Preserve them, cherish them and enjoy them with your future generations… While holding and touching your precious memories… In the real world.

At the end of the day, we are confident that you will find that wedding albums are, in fact, not expensive – but rather… priceless.

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