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Anish & Taylor – India Destination Wedding

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Anish and Taylor’s three day destination wedding in Kochi, India was nothing short of spectacular. Full of elephants and vibrant colors, tasty food and catchy music, authentic local drummers and henna artists, and guests from all over their world, the event was a culturing experience and nothing short of a blast. My second shooter, Lacey and I, flew out a few days early and had the opportunity to explore the area before the events took place. Once the family and friends arrived, we were busy capturing everything we could and soaking up an incredible time with them. Anish and Taylor and their loved ones treated us like we were part of the family, and we not only captured photos of a lifetime, but created friendships of the same. Thank you Kattu + Merck family, I’ll never forget it!
Indulge in the experience below. 🙂 

Day 1:

Day 2: 

Day 3

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