Inspired by the positive influence photography generates, Angelica has been a photographer since high-school and joined the Magdalena Studios Team in 2021. She became enamored with creating photographs that sparked ideas, provoked emotions, and intentionally captured. After years of exploring different fields of photography, from marketing to editorial, she finally committed to weddings and elopements for two main reasons. Meeting wonderful people and sharing extraordinary experiences with them. Her favorite celebrations are the ones that are non-traditional and characteristic to the couple.  

When she’s not photographing an elopement in mountains, well, she’s still in the mountains. Angelica has a deep appreciation for exploring this magnificent planet and actively works to preserve it. A clean trail, dirty boots, and a Lord Huron playlist is a perfect afternoon in her opinion. If Angelica isn’t hiking, she’ll be caught binging Survivor, rom-coms, or Marvel, no in-between. 


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