Graphic designer & studio assistant 


About Carly:

Quaintrelle: A woman who emphasizes a life of passion expressed through
leisurely pastimes and a cultivation of life's pleasures.

Carly aims to enjoy all of life’s tiny pleasures - the cotton candy hues that fill the sky during a sunrise or sunset, riding her bike down the boardwalk to smell the freshly bloomed honey suckle that lines the way, letting a cup of coffee warm her hands in the company of good friends and family. Her passions expand from painting to graphic design, photography to blogging, styling to floral design. She loves discovering the intimate features and details that tell the story of another - piercing eyes, curved lips, the slight arch of a brow. She was drawn to Magi’s love of the sea - a great wide expanse that helps you remember the most powerful forces in this life - love, friends and family. Magi’s ability to capture these forces and the unique details of each story were an undeniable team she had to be a part of!