“We can't begin to describe the love we have for our engagement photos and our wedding photos! They are everything we could have imagined and more. Every time we look at them, we can't help but smile because we are taken straight back to the most magical day of our lives! You wont regret booking the team for your wedding!" 

Megan has been a part of the Magdalena Studios team for over four years. As a second shooter, she worked side by side with Magi for years learning her style and posing techniques. Magi was impressed with Megan's professionalism, technical skills, and the constant joy and energy she brings to wedding days, so she decided to first expand the team with Megan as the initial lead associate photographer. Magi trusts Megan immensely as a perfect representative of the brand based on their time and experiences together. Megan began a photographing weddings in 2011 and has been in the wedding photography industry ever since, with over 150 weddings under her belt. Megan shares the same excitement as couples on each wedding day and lives for creating memories that will last a lifetime. Megan is a wife to a handsome bearded scallop fisherman and a mother to two handsome blonde haired, blue eyed boys and enjoys living on a quiet street in Cape May less than ten minutes from the beach.


"I can't get over how down to earth and fun to work with Megan is!"