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-We are working hard to promote, advertise and book associate weddings! We let potential clients know that we have been working with our associate team for years, trained you to shoot in our style or hand selected those of you who shoot similar to our style, and only bring on those who are trustworthy, reliable, and professional! We handle the before and after process the same (so you never have to worry about client communications , culling, or editing) and if they request to personally meet you, we check your availability for a brief hello email, phone call, or Skype to connect personalities!

-After the wedding, we expect files to be transferred within 3 days (unless you drop the memory cards off to Ashley or I.) Please maintain backup of RAWs for up to a year! If you need help sending the photos or a lightroom catalog, please let us know and we can help. We'll venmo or paypal you after we receive the images!

-Per our associate contracts, we ask that you don't use our client's imagery on your own social media or website. If there's something near and dear to your heart that you'd like to show off, please let us know and we can figure something out :) 

-We expect top notch professionalism! Stay super friendly, happy to serve, dressing professionally, not promoting your own business while on a job, being kind to other vendors, and communication.

-Last but not least, our brand is centric on authentic, genuine imagery. This means we need to make our clients feel comfortable and like friends! Acting and dressing professionally is the first step. The second is forming relationships, having fun and maintaing enthusiasm, and interacting & reassuring clients during portrait time rather than stiff static poses or silent pauses. We've included lots of posing ideas and inspo below, so feel free to check them out and review them prior to wedding days! We are always happy to work with you to improve in this area too.


1. Rachael and Doug
2. Allison and Matt
3. Christiann and Adam
4. Emily and Brian
5. Steph and Pat
6. Brianna and Anthony
7. Allison and Joe




Quick Tips:
***Always, always shoot in RAW
***Make sure your camera's date and time is always set to the right time (use Google/ world clock)

-Refresh yourself on posing ideas the night or hour before a shoot:
          -JPP Flow Posing Guide
          -KJ Posing Evolution
          - KJ Bride and Groom Portrait Workbook
          - Have a pinterest board of inspo photos to quickly look through
          -Check out some unposed queues below!

-Shoot in manual
          -shutter speed should never go below 250
          -ISO should never go above 6,000
          -adjust your aperture based on number of people in the photos
           (1.8 for one person, 2.5+ for two, 3.2+ for three, etc.)
          -Manual adjust your temperature between 4700k-5300k - check out this article for settings info
           *I always shoot with a low aperture and a stop up on the meter for the bright + airy look. 
-Don't be afraid to do something different or creative! Get some detail shots like hand holding, close ups of flowers or branches nearby, etc. Have them interact with each other!!! Smile and laugh with them, and try not to stop and look at the back of your camera too much. Keep encouraging them and shooting!

2018 TERMS

All associates get free family photos once a year from Magi!


Wedding Rates:

Assistants: $20/hr

Second Photographer:

Associate Main Photographer:
$100/Hour + $400

Portrait Session Rates:

Associates- $150/hour

Contact Information:

Magi's cell: 6099704737
Magi's email:

Studio/ OC Apt for Dropping Off Memory Cards/ Equipment:
101 West Ave, 2nd Floor, on left
Ocean City, NJ 08226


Team Info:

Scott Fisher 
(856) 237-4996

Lacey Nicholl
(609) 289-2719

Ashley Juelg
(609) 410-0426

Megan Tammaro
(609) 374-2051

Liz Unruh
(609) 408-7752

Kristina Ingersoll 
(609) 576-5647




Before you start shooting - prepare your couples by saying "During our session, I'm going to ask you some questions and have you play some games... the point is to take our minds off the camera, to have fun and love on each other." We've noticed that some people take the games way too seriously or might feel like they're being quizzed in which the game bombs. Just reassure your couples that you are not judging them and the idea is to HAVE FUN! Look for those in between moments or the moments right after :-) 

Iconic Bridal Portraits:

1. While sitting, have her count the layers of her dress. 
2. Have her trace the hemline/ neckline of her dress
3. Have Her Put Her Earrings In, Play With An Earring, Or Trace the Back of Her Neck.
4. Have her place and lift her veil
5. Have her adjust the straps of her shoes or take off/ put on again
*Limit these actions to 1-3 times max

Iconic Groom Portraits:

1. Have him adjust his cufflinks
2. Have him tie his tie or put on his jacket
3. Have him tie his shoes

Cues for Bridesmaids Portraits:

1. "Look at me, look at the bride, now look at me!"
2. Set up a slow walk with them looking at each other
3. "Turn inside to get skinny and close to each other, then lean towards the camera to show off your faces, now grab each other's butts!"
4. "Think of your favorite guilty pleasure boy-band song and dance in place! Singing out loud is encouraged!"
5. "Look at your neighbor and tell them how HOT they are!"
6. Tell everybody to lean in and check out each other's makeup! Make sure no one has lipstick or spinach in their teeth!
7. Squishy face the bride! Face to face! 

More posing!

-Start walking and on the count of three, tell each other your favorite dessert in an accent (I picked British) 

-draw a heart with his nose on her cheek for some intimate action.

-stand facing each other and then touch hands palm to palm at chest height

-I love asking the guy to give his girl a kiss, while I instruct her to do everything to prevent his lips touching her. Here are two examples how that went.

-groom stand behind the bride & pull her in really close and kiss her in 3 places that aren't her lips. They normally go for the shoulder, cheek, & neck and it's always so sweet

-I love having them curl up together, lock eyes, and make him whisper something he's really proud of her for. Then I make her tell him a few non-physical things she loves about him. 

-hip check eachother

-drunk walk

-slow motion kiss

-While looking in each others eyes, think of a time where you were really proud of each other. Nothing has to be said out loud. Just reflect on it.

-In your absolute sexiest voice, lean in and whisper names of breakfast cereals/sandwich meat/etc


1. Sit next to each other. Hug his arm, and rest your head on his shoulder and just sit and listen to each other breathe.  

2. Pick her up and laugh like your favorite super villain 

3. Walk towards me slowly... alright, STOP HAMMER TIME !!

4. in a sexy voice whisper your favorite food in his ear

5. whisper her how much you love her in a high pitch voice!

6. Sniff her eyebrows

7. Twirl her around like she's a Disney princess 

8. Look at each other, hold hands and take turns telling each other 3 promises 

9. Look deep into each others eyes.... now give me your fakes laugh

10. Get as physically close as possible ... no kissing until I tell you to.

11. Pick her up &. Swing her around like she's a dead body 

12. (Her)Run through this field into his arms (him) into her eyes and show me what your face looked like the first time you ever laid eyes on her.

13. Wrap your arms around her & walk like she's carrying you home from the bar on your 21st birthday.

14. Rub your nose against her neck or cheek and puuurr like a cat.

15. Give your hair a good old shake, (him) get super close and tuck her hair behind her ear.

16. Give her a piggy back ride and while he's giving you a piggy back ride I want you to whisper something funny in his ear. 

17. Look deep into each others eyes and tell me an embarrassing story without breaking eye contact 

18. Close your eyes and with your eyes closed kiss your favorite part of her face without looking (make him work for it)

19. While holding hands I want you to run towards me while giving each other a bear hug

20. "Play bumper cars with your bodies and walk towards me."

21. "Connect the freckles on her shoulder like a new constellation...then come up with a name for that new constellation. And whisper it in her ear"

22. Stand together like an open book. Okay.. good... now Look at each other's eyebrows. 

23. Sit next to exact other. Hug his arm. Rest your head on his shoulder. Just Listen to each other breathe 

24. Kiss 5 places - anywhere but the lips! 

25. Face each other. Close your eyes and on the count of 3 make the most ridiculous face you can think of, at each other 

26. Put your elbows on his shoulders and hands behind his head. 

27. Pretend you're in a Photo Booth. Every time I count to 3, change your expression. 

28. Walk up behind him and embrace him however you are comfortable with. 

29. Put your hand on his shoulder, lean your head into it and laugh like a villain! 

30. Pick her up and give her a kiss, she kicks her legs up. 

31. Swish your flowy clothes around. 

32. Walk toward me.. STOP! Hammer time!

33. Embrace each other as if it's the first time you've seen the other in months. 

34. Pretend you're in the snow without jackets. 

35. Whisper something dirty in her ear. 

36. In his ear, say your favorite food in a sexy accent. 

37. Go in for a slow - mo kiss, but you're not allowed to touch your lips until I tell you!

38. Give her butterfly kisses on her nose and forehead!

39. Sniff her eyebrow. 

40. Look into each other's eyes. Thank him for something small he did this week that you appreciated. Now tell her one. 

41. Cross arms and drunk walk together!

42. Give her a piggy back ride. 

43. Hold hands and run in slow motion. 

44. If religiously inclined- pray together 

45. Cuddle, get comfy and sink into each other. 

46. Sit across his lap. 

47. Touch your foreheads together - hold her face 

48. Relax, Lay your head in her lap. Kiss her hands/wrists 

49. Spend a moment together while I plan our next series of shots. Talk amongst yourselves. 

50. Sit facing each other/next to each other. Touch both hands to any comfy place on the other person. 

51. Recreate your first dance. / slow dance together. 

52. When were you most proud of him/her?

53. How has he/she changed you?

54. When was the last time you cried together?

55. Wipe an imaginary eyelash off of his/her cheek. 

56. Close your eyes hold hands and Make a wish. 

57. 1-2-3 switch. One looks at camera, other looks away. Switch on 3. 

58. (You have to know your audience for this one, ) but tell them to close their eyes and relax (say it in a soft voice like you are going to give them a romantic prompt)... and think of the first time she farted in front of you

59. walk hand in hand and randomly call out ways to walk like cuddling in super crazy close, eskimo kiss but keep walking, skip, slow motion, chorus line, anything that works with their personalities

60. Put your arms around his neck and try not to strangle him even if you really want to

61. Tickle fight!!!!!

62. Does mommy or daddy have a booger? 

63. Give mommy or daddy a bigggg hug

64. Starring contest!! (Get funny , don't smile)

65. Doggy pile!!!! (Mommy and dad laying on belly looking at me)

66. When I have unhappy guy/surly teenagers "Ok, who doesn't want to be here, yep don't blame you" or assuring them - "Who here LOVES having their photos taken? no? me neither.. So lets knock this out, I promise to end on time" 

67. Sarcastic complements usually work with the teenagers "awwwww! look how much you love your mom"  usually elicits a natural smile.  I try my best to be as light and funny about the process as possible and tell everyone 'how I love being a photographer because I get to boss people around'

68. Pose them, then hide behind a bush and say "don't mind me, just getting a stalker shot" 

69. Walk but when I say stop I want you to dramatically give each other a high five or a fist bump

70. Grab her face and use your thumb to wipe her lip like she's spilt some sauce on it

71. Okay on the count of three play tag! Run have fun. One two three goooo!



✳ Hold hands side by side and tell me an embarrassing story about your partner.

✳ In your sexiest voice, whisper the names of as many breakfast cereals as you can think of into your partner’s ear.

✳ Stare into each other’s eyes and try to guess what color the other is thinking.

✳ Run towards each other and embrace like a rom-com airport scene.


✳ Take your partner’s face into your hands and kiss your favorite part.

✳ Hug each other like you’re saying goodbye and won’t be seeing one another for 6 months.

✳ Get in close for a super sexy kiss. But no kissing until I say so!

✳ Wrap your arms around her from behind and sway while humming “your” song.


✳ For a minute, with your faces as close as possible, try to express just how much you love each other using only your eyes.

✳ Hold each other close and breathe each other in.

✳ Slowly move her hair off her shoulder / tuck her hair behind her ear and kiss her on the neck.

✳ With your foreheads touching and your eyes closed, inhale and exhale in sync with your partner for seven breaths.