Guide to Ocean City, New Jersey - All The Best Things To Eat, Do and Visit

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For our out-of-town clients & brides... We've created a list of some of our favorite things to do for before or after you meet with us in Ocean City, New Jersey for your photo session or bridal coffee date! After all, you're in America's Greatest Family Resort :-) You might as well make the most of it -there is so much to do!

1. Lunch
Jon & Pattys Coffee Bar & Bistro - This is by far my favorite lunch location! They have amazing bread, apps, sandwiches, soups, veggie options, and some really tasty coffee drinks.

2. Breakfast
OC Surf Cafe - My personal fave breakfast (maybe ever) is the eggs benedict with avo & tomato instead of crab meat, along with their amazing, crispy homefries. Okay now I'm hungry.

3. Shopping
Ready to shop? Take a walk down Asbury Avenue and check out my go to boutiques: Colette's & Bohemian Mama.

4. The Boardwalk
Of course you MUST hit the boardwalk, especially if you haven't before. Take a stroll in the afternoon and hit some of my favorite snack spots: Manco & Manco (world famous pizza), Curly Fries, & Johnson's Popcorn (get the classic caramel corn!). Must dos? The ferris wheel - especially at sunset - to see the whole city, and a round of mini golf!

5. The Beach
You can usually find me at Waverly or 58th St. Beach with my longboard and my fam. Don't forget your sunscreen and a towel! And please, don't feed the seagulls.

6. Healthy Sweet Treats:
I satisfy my sweet tooth at Bashful Banana (vegan cupcakes and baked goods), Bungalow Bowls for acai and pitaya bowls, and Yoasis for frozen yogurt & smoothies.

7. To Experience:

Bike rides are our main means of transportation around town. If you are staying overnight or you're there early in the am: take a sunrise bike ride on the boardwalk and stop at Brown's for a hot fresh donut. They're located all the way at the North end around first street. My favorite is the chocolate!

If you're down for an adventure, go kayaking or SUPing via BayCats on the bay, take surf lessons from 7th St. Surf Shop, sweat it out in a yoga class at Yoga Ginger, or take a long walk over the hills of the 9th street bridge. 

If you're still around at sunset, stop by the docks on the bay to relax - or even jump in!

8. Where To Stay:
There are tons of great hotels and bed & breakfasts, but to really experience the feel of the town, I recommend renting an AirBnB so you can make it your own!


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