Staying YOU During Your Engagement Session

Staying you in your engagement photos, and having a natural look is important to most brides. Not feeling too staged, getting true smiles, and really enjoying your engagement photos are always a goal. Here are a few tips to staying natural, and genuinely enjoying your photos (both while taking them and after)!

It's all about you!

This experience really is all about you, your relationship, and the memories you are creating. Don't let the fear of perfect photos consume you. Focusing on each other will automatically relax you both and result in perfectly happy and balanced photographs. Laughing, joking around, and allowing your photographer to capture your true personalities will make it easier on everyone.

Do something you love!

Whether its cooking, sight seeing, or paddle boarding, doing something you enjoy together will automatically make you more relaxed while getting photographed. While sometimes you may feel as though you're being followed by the paparazzi, trying to embrace each other and the activity you love will immediately make you feel at ease.  Trying to match a photo you've seen or recreate someone else's vision will only make you feel awkward and uncomfortable. By making the poses your own, you both will relax all the session will fly by.


Letting your photograph do what they're good at is important, but relaxing and going with the flow always helps. If plans change, and outfit malfunctions, or a situation arises, just going with it and not worrying will create a beautiful and unique experience and memory of your photos. Wearing comfortable clothes and shoes (or no shoes!) that match your personalities and location will help you stay relaxed, and create perfect ambiance for the background you've chosen.

Most importantly, focus on each other!!!

The best photos are the ones where you don't feel the photographer is there shaping the image. Get lost in the moments of being together, concentrate on each other, communicate and make this a memory. You two can whisper, kiss, snuggle, play with your hands, and hug. The photographer will capture exactly what is *you* best when the two of you feel like you're being yourselves!