associate photographer & Studio assistant


About Scott:

Scott and Magi met back in 2011 in college (they were taking gardening class together!) when Scott asked Magi out on their first date. The next semester she studied abroad in Italy and he came to visit her. They've been inseparable ever since! In the fall of 2016 (after 5 years together), Scott expressed an interest in shooting a wedding. He'd worked in the creative field designing for his clothing company (Amphibia Apparel) and had been shooting photos for years, but this was his first official time shooting a wedding. And he knocked it out of the ballpark! Magi was so impressed with the way he mastered the different lighting situations and shooting in manual, and the way he was able to get really relaxed portraits of the groom that she wouldn't have been able to achieve herself. He knew right where to be during the ceremony and didn't get in any of her shots (which made her happy!). The next day he woke up and said to Magi, "This is the beginning of our career together- I want to shoot all your weddings with you!" And ever since, they have been shooting weddings together and working as a team. It's an amazing dynamic because Scott can work with the guys in the morning while Magi is shooting with the ladies. During the portrait session, it's easy for them to mimic and show certain poses and to help both the bride and groom warm up knowing they have someone on each side there who gets it. And during the ceremony and reception, they work flawlessly together feeding off of each other's body language and reading each other's signs, knowing exactly where they need to be to get the right shot. Together, they have grown to know love, and to be able to capture it for others is amazingly rewarding to them, and it's what makes them the perfect wedding photography team. 


Surfing, Reese's peanut butter cups, travel, sustainable products, healthy cooking, graphic design and clothing design, skateboarding, snowboarding, concerts, working with homeless youth, rock climbing, basketball, and spreading positivity.