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7 Best Places To Visit While In Philadelphia For A Wedding

Romantic and Modern City Wedding Photography in Philadelphia PA by Magdalena Studios 0045

7 Best Places To Visit While In Philadelphia For A Wedding

Many of the Philadelphia weddings we photograph include large groups of guests from out of town. As Philadelphia wedding photographers, we put together a list to easily share with your guests while they are in town for your Philly wedding! There’s so much to see and do, and here are a few of our favorites.

Philadelphia is a city that is full of numerous historical and cultural sites and activities, which makes it one of the favorite destinations for thousands of tourists across the world. The city is two hours’ drive from Washington DC and New York Cities. Some of the things you will enjoy as a visitor include entertainment venues, great learning institutions, cuisines, professional sports team, museums featuring different cultures, and outdoor activities among others. Philadelphia provides something for everyone including family activities. Here are some of the destinations that are a must visit when you go for a vacation in Philadelphia.

1. Independence Hall

Independence Hall is the place where the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the United States Constitution happened, and you cannot miss visiting this place because you learn a lot about the history of the United States. The hall is a two-story building that has been almost the same since the time the country was founded, and the good thing is that there are tour guides who can assist you in navigating through the hall. Independence Hall is always open except on Christmas day, and tickets can be bought anytime from March to December by either visiting the hall or through their online platforms.

Colorful and Vibrant Wedding Photography at Fairmount Horticultural Center by Magdalena Studios 0048

2. Philadelphia Zoo

Philadelphia Zoo is known for its unique animal exhibits, and this is one of the reasons why this should be one of the destinations to visit in Philadelphia. Also, they also host different special events at different times of the year. Some of the things you will enjoy in this zoo are the Big Cat Crossing whereby different animals from the cat family are allowed to roam overhead in different parts of the zoo. You will have a good sight of these animals as they walk from the ground. Other activities to enjoy is the faunas, boat riding, camel safari, and hot air balloon rides among others. Philadelphia Zoo is open 364 days of the year except on Christmas day.

Genuine and Natural Philadelphia Wedding Photography by Magdalena Studios 0032

3. Benjamin Franklin Museum

Benjamin Franklin Museum is one of the most popular historical places that you will find when you visit Philadelphia, and in this place, you will learn a lot about the history of the city and the of the United States at large. The museum is located at Franklin Court, and it’s always open except in three holidays, which are Christmas day, Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day. Some of the things you will enjoy seeing at Benjamin Franklin Museum are artifacts, computer animations, live printmaking, and the ghost house situated outside the museum, which are the actual remains of Benjamin Franklin’s home.

Candid and Genuine Fairmount Waterworks Philadelphia Wedding Photography by Magdalena Studios 0058 1

4. Franklin Square

Franklin Square is one of the public places that was laid down by William Penn to provide residents and visitors with an urban green space whereby they can enjoy numerous outdoor activities. The ground is big enough and allows both adults and children to have fun through different activities. One of the things to enjoy in this square includes Philly mini golf that holds Boathouse Row, Liberty Bell, and Philadelphia Museum of Art. Others include racehorses, carousel making and listening to Franklins’ tales at nation storytelling bench.

Romantic and Modern City Wedding Photography in Philadelphia PA by Magdalena Studios 0058

5. Chestnut Street Skyspace

The chestnut Street Skyspace is a ‘green’ building that is located at Chestnut Hills Friends Meeting House and this where most Quakers are found. Whenever you visit Philadelphia, this should be one of your destinations because you will enjoy quiet time while experiencing the sky in a new way. Some of the things that stand out in this place are, ‘Green the Light,’ which a permanent art installation on the ceiling of one of the rooms and it’s expected to make you feel like the sky is closer to you. The skyspace is usually open several days a week but not on Sundays, and you can visit this place to have an intimate and relaxing experience.

Romantic and Modern City Wedding Photography in Philadelphia PA by Magdalena Studios 0046

6. Barnes Foundation

The Barnes Foundation is a landscaped ground that features more than 65 Cézanne’s, 181 Renoirs and great African arts. This is one of the Philadelphian places that you should not ignore every time you visit the city because these collections are not only fun to see, but they are also educational. Other unique things that you will enjoy in this place is a glass canopy that tends to glow at night, a textured grey and gold Ramon exteriors, permeable surfaces and a green roof.

MagdalenaStudios PhiladelphiaWedding April2017 0012 1

7. Spruce Street Harbor Park

This is one of the places that you cannot miss to visit whenever you are in Philadelphia because it serves as one of the best urban beaches you will find. Some of the things you will enjoy here include lounging at the flamboyant hammocks, eating the Philly-inspired delicacies, play games such as shuffleboard or bocce, and take cool and crafty brews from the beer garden. The park holds the Delaware River Waterfront, and you can access it free of charge during the spring through fall. There are numerous activities you can enjoy in this park both during the day and night.

Are you preparing yourself to visit Philadelphia for a vacation? This is a great place to visit because there are numerous places you can head to. This list only contains seven of the most popular destinations to have not only fun but also learn a lot.


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