We Bought Our First Home!


We bought our first home together!!! And the best part? We don't even have to move 😹 

About a year ago, we moved into a house that Scott's parents owned and they were planning on flipping it. We weren't sure where we'd end up location-wise as we were both finishing up school (Scott just graduated with a degree in school counseling and I am in my last year of law school) so living in this location was a perfect half way point between Philadelphia, PA and Ocean City, NJ and at the time we thought it was perfect because it didn't lock us up in anything too permanent. But we unexpectedly ended up falling love with the home we've built, decorated, and grown in. Scott's dad presented us the opportunity to buy it from him and as of today, it is officially our first home! For me, especially as a law student, this feels more serious than our engagement because now we're technically liable for and legally bound to each other and I couldn't be more excited! 

We took some photos last week for our friends at Parachute Home who sent us some of the most amaaaazing bedding + a cashmere throw that I literally use every single day. (If you are looking for house linens, bedding, etc. you must check out Parachute.) For the rest of the things that we've begun accumulating in our little humble abode, I've added links below to where you can find all the things! If you have any questions about our house or decorations - feel free to ask! I'm excited about my new passion of home decor and happy to help with yours.

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