Girls Get Real: Crafting Positive Social Media Influence For Girls

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Let’s Empower Young Girls In How They Act and View Themselves On Social Media

My good friend Caitlin, a local business owner in my hometown of Ocean City, NJ, is always up to good things. She and I always sit down and discuss our business ideas, goals, and aspirations together, and I value her friendship in business and life so much because of our support and encouragement for each other. Caitlin is so much more than just an owner of a kids store… She uses her leadership in the community to create and foster many positive events and giving back projects.

More recently, Caitlin started a “Girls Get Real” movement in efforts to encourage more positive influence for young girls on social media. There were various motivations behind this movements from Caitlin’s role in our local community. Caitlin has seen young girls growing up before her eyes mimicking social media influencers by posing seductively as well as seen bullying, negative comments, and low self-worth from a lack of followers. I personally find so much value in this discussion because there can be such a false sense of reality and worth from the highlight reels we’re constantly inundated by!

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Caitlin decided she wanted to make a change in our local community. She put together “Girls Get Real” – which will feature a panel of women (including myself!) to talk about various topics of social media. On Saturday, February 2nd, we will talk about social media identities, expectations, bullying and the power of connecting.

Leading up to the panel discussion, Caitlin has been interviewing a series of business owners who use their social media positively. She has been posting the videos to her Instagram page and sharing tons of insightful advice, tips, and entrepreneurial feedback from a wide range of business owners!

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Caitlin, I am so proud to be your friend, and I am so excited to see the girl gang grow. Let’s all support each other in business and engage in positive social media practice and influence. If you’re interested in attending the event, you can get all of the information here!

“I think the biggest part of this is being conscious of what content you are digesting. That is something we will look at,” Caitlin explained. “You keep scrolling, ultimately, at the end of the day, you become the content you consume.”

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 Interview With Caitlin:

“Today I get to feature a branding wizard who turned a passion into a full-fledged business. Everyone, meet Magi (@magsymoo), owner of @Magdalenastudios.

So, I’ve gotten a bunch of questions about why I’m featuring other women in MY 100-day challenge. Well, I want you all to see that there are lots of bad ass chicks out there who are taking risks to pursue their dreams, and I want you to know and be inspired by them, so that you have the confidence to take that leap toward your own big dreams.

Magi’s story began when she was 16 and got her hands on her first camera. Her love for taking photos led her down a path where she gained a big social media following for her surf, wedding and lifestyle photography, which allowed her to begin building her business. Fast-forward 5 years and she now has a flourishing wedding photography business in which she’s managing a team of 6… and, oh yeah, did I mention she’s done all of this while finishing law school?

Listen below to hear Magi give some advice on branding, business and knowing your worth, which will all seriously get you that much more motivated to follow your dreams!”

Posted by Caitlin Quirk on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Posted by Caitlin Quirk on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Posted by Caitlin Quirk on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Posted by Caitlin Quirk on Wednesday, January 30, 2019


To view other insightful video interviews with local business owners by Caitlin, head to her Instagram page! I loved watching my friends interviews: Kristina of Peace of Wood, Jessica of Jessie’s of Linwood, Ryan of RyBandz, Holly of Diamond Barre, Brooke + Erin of Bungalow Bowls and more!




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