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How To Pick the Perfect Outfits for Your Family Portraits

Family Session Outfit Inspiration by Magalena Studios10

Family Photo Session 101: How To Pick the Perfect Outfits for Your Family Portraits

Coordinating outfits for the whole family is probably the most stressful aspect of taking family pictures. Inspiration can be found everywhere, but it can be overwhelming reading all the blogs, scrolling through Pinterest, or checking out all the Instagram pages. However, getting that perfect shot doesn’t need to be complicated. The ideal pictures come from those families that infuse their style and personality into the image with some classic outfit inspirations.

The Family Color Palette

You may think that having the whole family wear matching outfits will make for a cute family portrait. Instead, you will end up taking away from each family member’s personality and picking an outfit that doesn’t look good on everyone. The best pictures usually come from those families that wear outfits that complement each other. Not only do individual personalities shine through the image, but you end up with a cohesive and modern impression. Before you head to the closet and start grabbing random outfits, start by choosing two to three colors that will make up your family color palette.  From there, include variations of those colors by throwing in some darker and lighter shades.  This color scheme will be a great way to narrow down your outfit choices and pick pieces that will go well together.

Seasons and Location Inspiration

Once you decide on a family color scheme, your next step is to consider the location and the season. Choosing based on these criteria will help you find outfits that will look good with your surroundings and not compete with them. Taking into account your background will not help you narrow down your overall appearance, but it will also help you make the most of your landscape. Let’s say you’re shooting your pictures in the Fall. It would be best to opt for darker tones like maroon and navy, which will make your family pop amongst autumns neutral tones. Or if you are considering a scenic location such as a beach, try a more relaxed look by incorporating a combination of blues and whites.

Timeless Outfits

If you are going back and forth between outfits, sometimes it’s just easier to go back to the basics. Try to find classic pieces that will look good for years to come. This traditional feel means you opt for solid colors, limit the number of patterns you include, and skip the logo and character t-shirts. You don’t need intricate outfits to make gorgeous pictures, but family photos are also an excellent opportunity to dress up the family from their everyday look. Think dresses, button-downs, and nice slacks. These looks will not only complement almost any outfit, but they will also make you feel amazing in the photos. Another great way to incorporate more style into the ensemble is to include some layers like jackets, cardigans, vests, tall socks, textured tights, and boots. Not only is this the perfect way to add dimension to the picture, but it will embellish any outfit for both parents and kids.


If you feel that your outfits are just too simple, a great way to make them feel more modern and adventurous is to add some accessories. Not only will it give the picture some variation, but it’s an excellent way to tie each family member’s individual style into the overall look. The accessories don’t have to be complicated either: scarfs, hats, necklaces, and ties work great to achieve a polished look. Just remember, whatever accessories you decide on, make sure they make a statement, but don’t distract from the overall image.

With a few simple suggestions, looking great for your family photos will be a lot easier than you think, and you will be left with unforgettable memories and a keepsake that will last for generations to come. If you are still looking for some inspiration to help you on your big day, take a look at Magdalena Studios Portraits for stunning family-styled portraits to help you choose your perfect style.

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