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How to Write Reviews and Why We Love Them | Magdalena Studios


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The champagne is all gone. Friends and family have quieted down. And life settles back into its usual rhythm after the wedding is over. But along with the infinite list of thank-you’s, there’s another activity to wrap up your celebrations: Leaving your wedding vendor reviews!

Are you excited yet? Because we are. It’s the next best thing to actually photographing the big day! Okay, maybe we need to back up a bit and paint the picture.

After all is said and done, your reviews of your wedding vendors are another way to keep those memories alive and share your special moments. Here’s a brief guide on how to write wedding photographer reviews and why we love them:

What It’s Like To Receive Reviews

You know that giddy feeling when you receive a holiday gift or surprise delivery? We get that every time a review pops up in our inbox! And it’s magical.

Since your wedding photographer reviews are so special, we wanted to pop in and tell you why they mean so much. See, you are what makes this business come to life! We’re excited and grateful for every special moment we get to capture. So when you chime in and give feedback on your experience, we take it to heart.

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Why You Should Leave Reviews

Client testimonials are the lifeblood of our service-based business. Not only do reviews let us know what we got right, but the best reviews tell future clients what we specialize in and what we can offer.

Leaving a review is a sure-fire way to win our hearts and inspire future sessions. It’s a nice little way to tie a bow on our journey together.

Of course, if you have constructive feedback or suggestions, we recommend privately emailing them to your photographer. We always respond to every email and would love to learn how we can grow.

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How To Leave Your Photographer The Best Review

Talk about what stuck out to you

Wondering what to say when you leave a review? Don’t sweat it. Start with your first impressions, like Dakota and Josh:

Her thoughtfulness throughout the day will always stick with me. She is a true artist and a master of her work!

Think about why you chose the photographer you did and how they made you feel. Go with your gut and say what you think. After all, that’s what led you to choose your photographer in the first place, right?

Give real examples

Did you like grabbing a spontaneous shot? Were you impressed with the photographer’s direction? Did your partner have a favorite moment that they captured? The more specific, the better. Your impressions help illustrate the experience for other brides. Not only that but your perspective is vital to understanding what works and what doesn’t.

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Caption the heading or first sentence with a bang

Use the precious space up top to clarify your overall impression of the photographer. Then, as you continue the review you can include more details. Again, this helps both readers and your photographer decipher your view right away.

Share your thoughts on multiple platforms

It’s as easy as copy and paste! Write it out once and share it wherever you can find your photographer online. Often, it’ll be a mix of wedding vendor sites and social platforms, though it may also be a private questionnaire from your photographer. However you share your thoughts, make sure to spread the love so future brides can learn from your experiences.

For example, you can review Magdalena Studios on the following platforms:

And finally, if it’s not obvious yet, we want to express how incredibly happy reviews make us! We love connecting one-on-one with all our brides and grooms. Sharing and capturing your whole wedding timeline is a whirlwind and we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it. Hearing from you just warms our hearts.

Ready to capture your wedding day? Read our reviews and find out what it’s really like!

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