Magi & Scott

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Magi started the photography company back in 2014, and is so proud to see how far it has grown! She has hand-picked and carefully chosen the team that works closely with her based on aesthetic style & personality. Read more to see how the camera started rolling!

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Scott has been a part of the team since the beginning, even if not explicitly so. He always helped with a range of things from organization to endless support. Since November 2016, he officially has been photographing weddings & helping manage the business. 


Our Team

If you love the quality, service and unique style of Magdalena Studios, but can't justify spending $4,800+ on your wedding photography, you can still enjoy many of the benefits that come with the Magdalena Studios brand. When you choose an associate package, you're hiring an associate photographer whose photography style is similar to Magdalena's, and all of your photo editing, services, and product fulfillment will be through Magdalena Studios.

All Magdalena Studios' associate photographers are talented in their own right, have worked alongside and been mentored by Magdalena, and are specialized in capturing the moments and emotions inherent in a wedding day. Click below to meet each associate and see some of their work. If you're interested in finding out their availability and package information, use the contact form to tell us about your day!

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Studio Manager &

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ASSOCIATE Photographer