Seven Reasons Not To Skip An Engagement Session

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7 Reasons To Have An Engagement Session

That special someone who lights up your life has finally asked you that wonderful question: “Will you marry me?” Since then, your life has no doubt become a lot more hectic as you plan for the wedding. Still, there’s one oasis of calm that you can look forward to before your big day arrives: the engagement session. Not all couples opt for an engagement session in their wedding collection and as part of their wedding experience, but we’re here to remind you of seven reasons why you shouldn’t skip out on this one important thing during this time in your lives.

So why exactly is an engagement session so important?
Here are 7 of our favorite reasons:


Ocean City NJ Engagement Photography by Magdalena Studios 0014

1. You Get to Know Your Photographer

Your wedding photographer is going to play a big role in your special day, some say, even the most important role. Often times, you spend more time with your photographer than with any other person! But in some cases, couples don’t meet the photographer until their wedding day. Having an engagement session forms a special bond between you and your photographer and eases any awkwardness. You’ll get the opportunity to learn a little bit about your photographer in a setting where no one is stressed or rushed for time.

2. You Get to See How Your Photographer Works

An engagement session gives you the chance to see your photographer’s workflow. You’ll get a sneak peak on which shots and poses your photographer will direct you through, as well as how he or she interacts with you. This will make you feel much more relaxed when your wedding day arrives, as well as your family and friends who will be ogling over your photos for the months leading up!

Ocean City Engagement Photography by Magdalena Studios 0024

3. You’ll Get Rid of On-Camera Jitters

Some couples get a little bit nervous in front of the camera, and understandably so! Most of us aren’t public figures or celebrity stars, so we aren’t used to navigating life at the end of a lens. That being said, engagement sessions have helped many couples to dispel those nerves that well up when they’re in front of the camera, and enjoy themselves when the big day rolls around. You’ll see why your photographer directs you in certain ways, and how, even though you may have felt a teeny bit awkward, you have beautiful memories and moments preserved during this special time.

4. You Can Use Engagement Photos for “Save the Date” Invitations

An engagement session picture is classic decoration for wedding save the dates. Instead of printing a plain invitation template, an engagement session gives you the chance to send out a unique, vibrant picture of you and your significant other; a photo that your friends and family can save and cherish for years to come!

Seaside Park NJ Engagement Photography by Magdalena Studios Paxton Brian Seaside Park NJ Engagement Photographer 0058

5. You Can Get Photos in a Different Season than Your Wedding

If you have a fall wedding planned, then you can take engagement photos in freshly blossoming woods in spring, or on a sunny beach in summer. Or if you have a spring wedding planned, you can capture the snowy wonders of winter in your engagement session. Whatever the case, your engagement photos can give you and your loved the chance to record special moments in a completely different environment than your wedding venue.

6. Your Engagement Photos Make for Great Décor

After you are married, you can still hang up your engagement photos in picture frames around the house, or use them for gifts. Of course, you can also keep them in an heirloom, and periodically walk down memory lane with your spouse in the years to come. We’ve heard from our couples that it’s nice to have casual photos to decorate your home with, that also match the aesthetic of your wedding photos!

Willow Creek Winery Cape May New Jersey Engagement Session Photography by Magdalena Studios JessieLandry 0030

7. You Can Have Fun with Your Spouse-to-Be

This may seem like a silly reason to have an engagement session, but think about it: it’s another chance to spend time with the person who holds a special place in your heart. Can anyone put a price on that? Plus, with all of the wedding-related stress that may be coming down the pipe, you and your loved one could probably use a little bit of relaxation! We always recommend ending your engagement session with a date night. After all, you’re dressed up and marking a milestone in your planning process!

Many couples have found engagement sessions to be fun, fulfilling, and productive. Engagement sessions can help your special day to flow more smoothly; they can capture intimate, beautiful moments between you and your spouse-to-be; and they can be a welcome break from the hectic pace of wedding planning. If you and your loved one choose to have an engagement session, you won’t regret it!

New Jersey Engagement Session Photography by Magdalena Studios EmilyBrian 0068

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