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What Happens If It Rains On Your Wedding Day? | Magdalena Studios


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“It’s like rain on your wedding day…” You’ve probably heard these lyrics to Alanis Morrisette’s “Ironic” before. The lyrics imply that rain on your wedding day is a bad thing. Yet, it’s actually considered lucky in places, such as India, for there to be rain on the day you get married. Even if it is considered lucky, rain can put a damper on the day, especially when it comes to the pictures. Luckily, there are several things you can do to have a wonderful wedding day and have gorgeous wedding pictures even if it does rain.

Find an Overhanging

If you were planning outdoor shots for your wedding, there is no reason that the rain has to prevent you from getting them. Simply find a great overhanging where you can still enjoy great natural lighting for your pictures while also being protected from the rain.

To avoid frantically searching for an overhanging on the day of your wedding, do your research prior to your wedding day, especially if rain is likely. A porch with a long overhanging works well. Your pictures can look particularly beautiful if the porch is attached to a historic estate with gorgeous architecture or if the location still allows the property’s outdoor beauty to be captured in your photos.

Have an Indoor Back-up Plan

Even if the weatherman has said that there’s almost no chance of rain, have an indoor backup plan. Be sure that the location has great indoor lighting. Locations with big windows that allow natural lighting in also work well as backup indoor locations in case of rain. Be sure to reserve the location. You do not want to find out on your wedding day that your backup location is not available.

There are many great indoor locations for wedding photos. A barn works well. They often have beautiful beams and great opportunities for indoor photos. Plus, they are often beautiful places for a reception. Another bonus to using a barn as your backup plan is that if it does stop raining for a while, you can go outside and get some gorgeous outdoor shots on the property.

If your heart is set on having great nature shots, you may want to use a greenhouse or arboretum as your backup location. They often allow for a lot of natural light. You are protected from the rain, and you have trees, plants, and flowers, which provide beautiful backdrops for your photos.

Embrace the Experience

As a wedding photographer, I understand better than most people just how devastating it can be to wake-up to rain on your wedding day, especially if you planned an outdoor ceremony or reception. Yet, worrying about it will not change the weather. If it rains on your wedding day, embracing the experience is the best way to make a disappointing day into a wonderful experience. Yes, that can be easier said than done, especially if you’re worried about your dress getting wet or muddy.  Rain, though, can provide for some beautiful wedding day memories and pictures. Even though the ideal situation is not to get wet, overcast weather makes for great lighting and rain coming down looks gorgeous in wedding photos. You can stock up on some cute umbrellas too! (Check out these Kate Spade Umbrellas: Love Is In The Air & Rain Check?)

The good thing is that rain never needs to ruin your wedding day. If you are able to roll with the experience, you may find that rain actually made your wedding day an even better experience than you ever imagined. Plus, the little things that seemingly go wrong, such as rain, create the stories you’ll be sharing with your family and friends for years to come, likely with a smile and a feeling of gratitude for the experience.

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