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The Artists’ Lawyer

Most of you know me as a wedding photographer, but what might surprise you is that I’m also a licensed attorney in the State of New Jersey. The past few years have been FULL – I completed Rutgers law school with a focus on business and intellectual property (i.e. copyright and trademark), took – and […]


Why Crediting Is So Important To Photographers | Magdalena Studios

As photographers we’ve all experienced it at one point or another. We are casually scrolling social media, when we see a photo of our work. Yay! We do a mini happy dance, so excited our clients are loving and sharing our work. Then we halt to a stop when we see it. Or rather… the […]


From Styled to Published: NACE Event Speaker with Philadelphia Wedding Magazine and Shannon Wellington Weddings

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of speaking at a NACE event with my good friend Shannon Wellington of Shannon Wellington Weddings (an incredible wedding planner) and Sarah Slotnick, the editor of Philadelphia Wedding Magazine… and it was such an honor! NACE Philadelphia is a community and group for Philadelphia and South Jersey wedding […]


The Best Shoes For Wedding Photographers + Wedding Day Vendors

Comfy, Cute and Professional: 5 Stylish Shoes For Wedding Photographers Capturing all the special moments of a wedding celebration means long hours on our feet. Trust me, a comfortable pair of shoes can make all the difference in the world! However, us wedding photographer still want to look stylish and professional, especially surrounded by beautifully-attired […]


About Magdalena Studios 2018 Film – Meet Magi & Scott | Magdalena Studios

We are so excited to release our 2018 film along with the launch of our brand new, beautiful website design by Tonic Site Shop. We’ve spent a lot of time refining our branding and message through some deep diving, reflecting and connecting. This film by our friend Seth at Sea Isle Films captured our new […]


Girls Get Real: Crafting Positive Social Media Influence For Girls

Let’s Empower Young Girls In How They Act and View Themselves On Social Media My good friend Caitlin, a local business owner in my hometown of Ocean City, NJ, is always up to good things. She and I always sit down and discuss our business ideas, goals, and aspirations together, and I value her friendship […]


Starter and Travel Camera Recommendations | Magdalena Studios

Now that we’re all taking pictures and videos of everything, all the time, I’ve noticed an interesting–for me–trend. More people are curious about taking pictures with real cameras. You remember those–everybody’s parents had those Kodak Instamatics, and Polaroids for when you just couldn’t wait a week to see the pictures. Now, we have the best […]


Tips for Traveling with Your Camera Gear | Magdalena Studios

Photographers alike understand just how much of a hassle it can be to travel with their camera gear. After the process of narrowing down your equipment to the necessities, and then further narrowing those necessities down to what you can travel with practically, comes the challenge of figuring out how you’ll bring all of it […]

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