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Hi there! Welcome to the Magdalena Studios blog, a journal where we share weddings, travel, resources for brides & entrepreneurs, and a glimpse of our lives. When we're not photographing some of the most romantic weddings around the world, we're either fixing up our beach bungalow, surfing and swimming in the ocean, or cooking up veggie burgers. Alongside my (soon-to-be) husband Scott and our trustworthy team of creatives, our life mission is to capture joyful love stories and effortless real-life moments.

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Best Photo Locations Around Ocean City, New Jersey

Ocean City is a great location for photo sessions — there are so many beautiful locations close by! Whether Ocean City has a special meaning in your heart or you’re simply a beach or ocean lover, there are shore (hehe) to be some great spots for your session! Check out some of our recommendations below 🙂 And if you need even more ideas for while you’re visited Ocean City, New Jersey – you should check out our local’s guide for our favorite things to eat, do and see!

For a family session, we recommend picking one location for your session.
For engagement sessions, we recommend picking two.

1. Best Spot for Sunrise Beach Photos in Ocean City, NJ: Seaspray Beach

Address for your GPS: 403 Waverly Blvd Ocean City, NJ

We highly recommend sunrise for beach photos! Not only does the sun rise over the beach, creating beautiful light and that dreamy orange glow, it’s also the time that’s the least crowded on the beach. There are also some beautiful pathways, houses with florals, and dunes/greenery at this location!



2. Best Spot for Sunset Beach Photos in Ocean City, NJ: The Longport Bridge Beach

Address for your GPS: 13 W Newcastle Rd. Ocean City, NJ

Not a morning person? That’s okay too! We have another amazing beach location for sunset photos, where there normally isn’t as much of a crowd since it’s a bit off the beaten track. It also is the only beach on the island that faces the sunset! The beach is located in the Garden’s section of Ocean City and just to the left of the Longport Bridge before crossing. In the area, there’s also a dock and some great greenery, dunes, and pathways nearby!

Address for your GPS: 214 Bay Ave, Ocean City, NJ

A great secondary location for your photo session are the docks, especially during sunset time! The positioning of the docks is ideal for the sunset and there are some sections with a ton of space allowing me to get a variety of shots!

Address for your GPS: 600 Boardwalk, Ocean City, NJ

I always recommend parking at 6th St. for the boardwalk, as there is usually a ton of parking and a little bit less of crowd, as there aren’t any shops North past 6th street. In addition to the boardwalk, Wonderland is right there for rides, ice cream, cotton candy and more!

Address for your GPS: Corson’s Inlet State Park (6001 Bay Ave Ocean City, NJ)

Another beautiful sunset option with tons of variety! There are wooden bridges, greenery, a small beach, and a beautiful field of marshes looking out towards the sunset.



6. The Park on 6th Street

Address for your GPS: 501 Wesley Ave, Ocean City, NJ

Looking to add some greenery into your session? The park provides tons of shade, different shades of green, and park benches!




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