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Eloping 101: 3 Simple Steps | Magdalena Studios

  If you’re engaged or even thinking about getting engaged, you’ve surely taken a look at some wedding to-do checklists. And if you’ve ever been to a wedding, you know that many couples manage to miraculously get it all done! These weddings are beautiful and magical, but they’re not the only way to go about […]

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Top 5 Best Wedding Venues in South Jersey

Stylish, romantic, and bohemian wedding venues in South Jersey from Cape May to Ocean City, LBI, and more! Check out our curated list of the best South Jersey wedding venues.

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Get the Glow: The Best Natural Light for Your Wedding Day | Magdalena Studios

  As you’re browsing wedding photography portfolios, which outdoor portraits capture your eye? Look closely… not just at the couples’ poses and the emotion that so clearly comes through in the images, but at the photograph’s ambient lighting. Are you drawn to wedding photos in which the lighting is soft and even, without harsh shadows? […]

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Bridal Resources

If You Haven’t Printed Your Photos – Here Is Why You Should | Magdalena Studios

Are you excited to have your online wedding, engagement, or family photographs? You’re probably wondering how you can best show them off. Of course you’ll want to share them on social media, and you’ll probably e-mail them to friends and family. I love it when you do, because in a sense, I get to show […]

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6 Tips For Including Your Dog In Your Photos | Magdalena Studios

Six Tips for Including Your Dog In Your Photos Of course you want to include your four-legged family members in your photos, and we want you to, too! You can bring your dog to your family portrait session, engagement, and even wedding day. We’ve put together a few tips to consider when incorporating your doggies […]

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How to Write Reviews and Why We Love Them | Magdalena Studios

  The champagne is all gone. Friends and family have quieted down. And life settles back into its usual rhythm after the wedding is over. But along with the infinite list of thank-you’s, there’s another activity to wrap up your celebrations: Leaving your wedding vendor reviews! Are you excited yet? Because we are. It’s the […]

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Wait! Before Your Open Your Wedding Gallery, Read This. | Magdalena Studios

  Finally, the day you’ve been waiting for! It’s been a month since your wedding and we know how anxious you are to see your gallery. Maybe you’ve seen a few previews already. Or maybe this is the first time you’ll see all of your images. Either way, that email is going to ping into […]

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What Happens If It Rains On Your Wedding Day? | Magdalena Studios

  “It’s like rain on your wedding day…” You’ve probably heard these lyrics to Alanis Morrisette’s “Ironic” before. The lyrics imply that rain on your wedding day is a bad thing. Yet, it’s actually considered lucky in places, such as India, for there to be rain on the day you get married. Even if it is considered lucky, […]

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Unbiased Pros and Cons of Having a First Look | Magdalena Studios

  When you begin to plan the finer points of your wedding day, you might wonder, “Should I do a first look?” A pre-ceremony first look might make a sweet memory of your wedding day. It’s also a great photo opportunity that captures a private moment between you and your future spouse. But the first […]

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What To Bring For Your Detail and Getting Ready Photos | Magdalena Studios

  What To Bring For Your Wedding Day Details If you’re anything like me, you love those detail photos from a wedding. I love remembering all of the small and unique aspects that tell the story of the day. The photos not only compliment well next to other images in your wedding day heirloom album, […]

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Why Is (Good) Wedding Photography Expensive? | Magdalena Studios

  As a bride, you’ve likely browsed through dozens of wedding websites, and compared a wide range of fees. I’m going to bet that before you began reading my blog, you probably first checked out my starting rates. We aren’t a drop in the bucket, but to keep creating high quality, authentic images for you and […]

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Your Wedding Photography “Shot List” – The Only List You Need | Magdalena Studios

I’ve got good news. You don’t need to come up with a detailed wedding shot list for me to follow throughout the day. You hired me (or you’re thinking about hiring me – say hey!) because I take an organic approach to wedding photography, allowing me to photograph you, your future spouse, and everyone you’ve brought […]

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How To Choose Your Wedding Day Getting Ready Location | Magdalena Studios

Congratulations! Not just on your engagement, but also on having more choices for your “getting ready” venue than did brides in your parents’ day. You’re no longer nailed down to your home, a hotel, or a dark and dusty room at your ceremony venue for your bridal preparations. Peer-to-peer home rentals like Airbnb have loosened […]

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How To Save Your New Gallery Photos To Your Phone

  You’ve received your gallery (whether it’s your engagement, family, or wedding gallery) and now you want to share them from your phone – either on social media or just to have them handy. Far too often we see clients “screenshot” their gallery, and then even upload the screenshots to social media – which ends […]

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How To Store and Protect Your Professional Digital Photo Files | Magdalena Studios

You just received your online gallery from your photographer, and now you’re wondering… what do I do next? What are the best practices for photo storage of my wedding files? We recommend of course, always printing your photos, but beyond that, you may want to back up your digital files in multiple locations. USB drives can fail […]

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