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Hi there! Welcome to the Magdalena Studios blog, a journal where we share weddings, travel, resources for brides & entrepreneurs, and a glimpse of our lives. When we're not photographing some of the most romantic weddings around the world, we're either fixing up our beach bungalow, surfing and swimming in the ocean, or cooking up veggie burgers. Alongside my (soon-to-be) husband Scott and our trustworthy team of creatives, our life mission is to capture joyful love stories and effortless real-life moments.

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The Best Places To Watch The Sunset in Ocean City, NJ | Magdalena Studios

So it’s off to Ocean City, New Jersey, for summer vacations, is it? Or maybe you actually live nearby and you already know that Ocean City, NJ is full of absolutely stunning places to visit. Whether or not you know the lay of the land, I have a few tips for you. As a professional free spirit and an undeniable romantic, one of the things I most enjoy is sitting with someone I love and watching the sun set. And OCNJ is the perfect place to do just that. These are four of my favorite places to go on a romantic sunset outing.

1. Stroll out onto the docks in the bay. 

The sound of rippling water… the ocean breeze in your hair… holding hands with your favorite person on the planet… and watching the sun set and spread beautiful colors across the sky. Doesn’t that sound peaceful? This is the kind of vibe you get at the docks of Ocean City’s bay (which is located on 3rd street, if you want to check it out). This is the kind of place that makes you want to stay forever. This is the kind of place where memories are made, big or little. This is the kind of place that makes an ideal spot to watch the sunset with your love. You may even want to stay a little longer and see if you can catch any stars coming out of hiding before you call it a night and head back home.

2. Ride up to the top of the Ocean City Ferris Wheel.

Adulting is overrated. Sometimes the most romantic thing you can do is to let your hair down and do something fun and a bit childish. Because who said that being a grown-up and being a kid are mutually exclusive anyway? It is time to get it out of your head that adults can’t or shouldn’t enjoy the things that kids enjoy. Once you have gotten past that barrier, a Ferris Wheel is the perfect place to watch the sun setting over Ocean City – especially at the very top. Here you will get an unbeatable view as the sun sinks toward the horizon and the sky is full of color. You can feel the cool breeze on your faces as you take it all in. Plus, the ride up and down gives you time to talk, snuggle, or simply gaze into each other’s eyes. What could be better than that?

3. Set up a picnic on the beach.

This is classic. And for good reason, am I right?! A picnic on the beach is a beautiful way to spend any evening. In the first place, a picnic means that there is food involved, which is always a great way to start things out. Pack your favorite snacks, carry out a full homemade meal, or casually roast bratwurst over a campfire in the sand. Just make sure you are not breaking any beach rules, and you’ll be good! But of course, the food isn’t the most important part. The shared experience of watching a sunset over the water is something that you won’t forget. When you are on the beach, the colors of the sunset get reflected back from the water, intensifying the beauty. So spread out your beach towel, get comfortable, and prepare to be blown away.

4. Take a romantic walk down the 9th Street Bridge.

Are you sensing a theme here? Well, Ocean City isn’t called Ocean City for nothing, after all. While you are there, you want to enjoy the beauty of the ocean to the fullest! And the 9th Street Bridge will help you do just that. The view from here is absolutely stunning, daytime or nighttime. But it is the most beautiful right at sunset. As the sky darkens, the bridge lights up for a unique and beautiful aesthetic. As you make your way back to land after the sun has set, you are going to feel like you have stepped off of earth and into fairyland. And I don’t think you will have any problem staying in fairyland for a while.

The memories you make during your sunset outings will stay in your heart for the rest of your life. And if you want to document them, I am always available for photoshoots. I would love to tag along and help these special moments last forever.

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